here are the famous generosity readers for J. Patrick Lewis.

A Hippopotamusn't - a fun-filled book that'll dazzling, fun & witty verses in 35, including Chess's animals of cats, snakes, turtles, eels, woodpeckers, otters, slugs & many more is exciting beautiful poetry.

Ridicholas Nicholas: More Animal Poems - a book that will shown charming, hilarious and rhyming verses in 33, including Chess's animals of hippos, owls, toads, hornets, lemmings, worms, condors, rabbits, moles & many more in delighted poems.

The Little Buggers: Insect & Spider Poems - a poem about horizon, wide & silly verses in 32, including Chess's insects & spiders dazzling and wicked things in poetry infamous.

Tulip at the Bat - a good-natured-smart verse about animals who play ball, at first is actual was stumbles and delighted fun feels forced.

Last Laughs: Animal Epitaphs - an ironic, natured and wackiest poem on the famous worse in the lives of variety of animals of darkly humorous verses is an epitaph of a different animal.

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